Cox Constructions is a privately owned company which, for over 60 years, has made a constant and unambiguous commitment to:

  • Provide a competitive service to every client

  • Set and improve industry benchmarks for excellence, against which our competitors are judged

  • Be an organisation that clients prefer to deal with on a repeat basis

  • Wherever possible, actively contribute to the improvement of the quality of life within the community

  • Provide security and stability of employment for our staff, with fair compensation and reasonable opportunity for job satisfaction; and personal and professional development


  • We seek out and employ only the best people

  • All construction staff including construction managers, project managers, project administrators and supervisors are highly credentialed and experienced

  • Most managerial staff have a trade background

  • The vast majority of our projects are completed on time and on budget

  • Innovation and flexibility lead us to develop ideal solutions to complex challenges

  • Cox Constructions is ISO9001 and AS4801 accredited, and also SA Government prequalified in categories 2,3,4 and 4M

Communication, Cooperation & Consultation

  • Open communication closes the door on problems…

  • Where the client program permits, prior to contracted commencement date, our Project Team spends 1-2 weeks in detailed project analysis to ensure thorough familiarisation and preparedness.

  • Weekly staff functional group ‘work in progress’ (status and issues) meetings on all projects – with appropriate and immediate feedback to all stakeholders.

Competitiveness & Cost Containment

Project delays and inherent on-costs are minimised through Cox Constructions’ best-practice initiatives.

  • Extensive use of high-end technology in estimating and planning software and systems

  • A project health & safety plan is prepared for each project and included in all subcontract agreements and forms part of the site induction procedure for all employees and subcontractors on that site

  • All employees and site staff are required to complete the ‘Work Safely in the Construction Industry’ course (White Card)

  • Industrial Relations disruptions have been non-existent on our sites for many years due, in the main, to our policy of strict adherence to relevant awards and statutes.

Creative Problem Solving

Cox Constructions has developed particular expertise in dealing with ‘special circumstance’ construction situations.

  • ‘Clean Air’ working environment required for construction in proximity to operating laboratory complex

  • Hazardous substance operations – fuel depots and operation retail petrol outlets

  • Security awareness at operational police facilities and commonwealth defence establishments

  • Clean, safe, quiet, well-presented environment required for construction works in proximity to operational aged-care facilities, hospital, office and hotel projects.

Managing Director

Chris Cox

Contracts Manager

Callan Cox

Project Manager

Tony Castellano

Senior Estimator

Steve Cheney